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Seek. Serve. Grow.

Being a Thresher means being involved in a great community, one with great academic and athletic programs.
Jessica Muckenthaler ’12

Why Bethel?

With more than 450 students from a rich diversity of backgrounds who call themselves Threshers, Bethel College is a fun place to live, learn and work.

Consistently ranked and praised by leading national college guides, Bethel educates leaders through faith and learning, building its programs on seven central values:

  • Discipleship: that prizes a high level of conviction and pursuit of authentic faith
  • Scholarship: that prizes intellectual curiosity and critical inquiry
  • Service: that prizes compassion and concern for the powerless
  • Integrity: that prizes honesty and accountability
  • Community: that prizes social connectivity and shared endeavor with others
  • Peace and Social Justice: that prizes commitment to a peaceful and just society
  • Diversity: that prizes all individuals for their unique combination of heritage, personality and talents

Distinctive to a Bethel education are opportunities for experiential learning, study abroad and the Common Ground curriculum experienced by all Bethel students. Bethel’s graduation rate exceeds national norms and Bethel is one of only a handful of colleges across the nation to offer a 4-Year Graduation Guarantee.

As the oldest Mennonite college in North America, Bethel offers a welcoming community in which to explore choices and determine life commitments without requiring a particular religious perspective.