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Natalie Stucky ’13

Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience.

It gives you the opportunity to gain real-world experience.

Experiential learning encompasses the wide variety of experiences outside the traditional academic setting, in which you develop knowledge, skills and values. Experiential learning includes internships, service learning, undergraduate research, study abroad and other creative and professional work experiences.

Supervised, assessed experiential learning opportunities stimulate academic inquiry by promoting interdisciplinary learning, career development, cultural and community awareness and engagement, leadership and other professional and intellectual skills.

Experiential learning opportunities are an integral way for you to gain insight into the world of work, explore vocation and participate in servant leadership. These opportunities add more meaning to your academic studies by giving you a chance to:

  • apply theories learned in class to real-life situations
  • identify interdisciplinary skills gained in the classroom that can be used in a particular workplace;
  • develop an understanding of the broad base of liberal arts knowledge and skills that can be applied creatively to a myriad of life experiences

Some popular ways in which experiential learning takes place at Bethel include:

  • service learning
  • international and off-campus study
  • practicum or clinical placements
  • undergraduate research

To explore the possibilities, contact the Office of Experiential Learning and Career Services.